Author: Deric Gruen


New Report: Climate Justice Strategies Towards a Just Transition from the Frontlines

Washington was the first state in the United States to be struck by COVID-19 and forced …

New Economy Washington: A Path Forward

We can and must work better together in support of a shared vision of an equitable and regenerative future that meets the needs of all communities within a healthy environment.

Analysis: How did the 2019 legislative session fare on climate justice?

Front and Centered envisions a more just future that is not only cleaner and safer, but …

Advancing climate justice in the House after ‘100 Percent’ Senate victory

Legislators in the House should protect the provisions of SB 5116 that advance climate justice — including the requirement that all electric utilities provide energy assistance to households with lower incomes. Additionally, improvements need to be made before this bill becomes a law.


Policy Applications of the Washington Environmental Health Disparities Map

The Environmental Health Disparities Map enhances the ability of governmental agencies and policy makers to more systematically factor cumulative impacts into their decision-making.

Map image

New ‘Washington Environmental Health Disparities Map’ Elevates Frontline Community Priorities

For the first time, people in Washington state will be able to compare how their neighborhoods rank for environmental health risks with the help of a new interactive mapping tool.