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Author: Dujie Tahat


Tomorrow’s Leaders of Color Set their Sights on Environmental Justice

At Front and Centered, we’re proud to share what we know with this impressive cohort. In the short amount of time with the, we were impressed by their compassion and eagerness to learn. Every day, it seems we need more and more leaders like them. While we learned our fair share, too, we hope that these fellows take their day of action into the work they set before themselves. We certainly can’t wait to see what they do.

Statement from the Front and Centered Steering Committee on I-1631

We support I-1631 because it will make our state stronger and healthier by lifting up our communities. The initiative will protect the air we breathe and water we drink — while investing in a just transition towards clean energy jobs and infrastructure. It ensures that those with the least don’t have to pay more for energy.

Hitting the Ground Running: Our 2018 Legislative Session

This session, we focused our advocacy efforts on Governor Jay Inslee’s Carbon Tax Bill (SB 6203). …