Author: Tiffany Mendoza


The EJ Task Force’s First Step

The Environmental Justice Task Force is now in full force. On September 30th, the Environmental Justice …

Join Pastor Anderson – Vote YES on 1631!

“As Pastor of one of the major churches of African descent in Washington state, I support Initiative 1631. This initiative will create over 40,000 good-paying jobs and make clean energy affordable for people who cannot afford it. Last but not least, it reduces pollution in our communities. A yes vote means you endorse these values – Yes on 1631!”

– Pastor Carey Anderson, First African Methodist Episcopal Church

Join Paulina – Vote Yes on 1631!

“Children should be able to play in a safe environment and not have to worry about health conditions caused by our environment. I support I -1631 because it will protect those impacted the most and correct these historic inequities by putting frontline communities in the solutions to start moving away from pollution. No community should have a 8 years life expectancy difference than others. We need justice now!”

– Paulina Lopez, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition

Join Estela – Vote Yes on 1631!

“1631 is a model of hope. It was created through a collaborative process to ensure that communities on the frontline of climate impacts are at the table towards a transition to a cleaner future.”

– Estela Ortega, Executive Director of El Centro de la Raza 

Join Diane – Vote Yes on 1631!

“I-1631 does more than simply reduce pollution. It works to correct these historic inequities by putting frontline communities’ front and center in the solutions we know we need to build in order to start moving away from pollution.”

– Diane Narasaki, Executive Director of Asian Counseling & Referral Service

Join Kurtis – Vote Yes on 1631!

“An extraordinarily broad and diverse coalition has come together to write and pass Initiative 1631. It reflects a sense of togetherness and conviction to come to a solution – something our divided society badly needs. It is my hope and firm commitment that we maintain this vibrant coalition to keep achieving positive change, never forgetting that we are our brother and sister’s keepers. The future of humanity depends on keeping our movement alive.”

– Kurtis Robinson, President Spokane NAACP Chapter