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Because Every Day is Earth Day

It’s been a few weeks since Earth Deserves More Than a Day, and our cup continues to overflow with gratitude for the opportunity to partner and learn from community and our coalition members. To hear the insights of Indigenous peoples and local and global collaborators at such a historic venue was an experience that we will never forget.

#EarthDeservesMore was a week-long program of events highlighting the everyday work of our coalition members and other leaders from frontline communities around the globe, and right here in neighborhoods across Washington State. They are joining together to advance environmental justice and confront climate change every day of the year, not just on a holiday like Earth Day. This year, Front and Centered partnered with Rainier Avenue Radio and Social Justice Film Festival to bring you social justice films, radio interviews, live kitchen table conversations, a youth radio takeover, and more!

Columbia City Theater

Throughout the week Front and Centered staff operated out of Columbia City Theater, a historic theater established in South Seattle as a vaudeville theater in 1923. A staple of the South Seattle community, it is said that Jimi Hendrix played his first show at the theater with his band the Velvetones, while still attending Garfield High School.

If you had a chance to join us at one of our events live, you will have seen how evocative the theater space was, and how grateful we were to be able to host our in-person events there! Special thanks to Tony Benton of Rainier Avenue Radio for hosting us for the entire week

Environmental Justice is Every Day

Throughout the week we were reminded of several reasons why we wanted to bring to you Earth Deserves More Than a Day, but a central reason is to raise awareness and honor our frontline communities that are advancing environmental justice and confronting climate change every single day of the year.

Our interview with Mason County Climate Justice taught us about the forest lands of Belfair and Allyn and what we could do to save them. During our kitchen table conversation with UTOPIA Washington, we discussed how climate change is affecting our Pacific Islander communities. Talking with the BIPOC Mobility Action Coalition reminded us of the ongoing work happening toward transportation justice in Washington State.

Front and Centered’s members make up our coalition and participate in our workgroups, but they are also our family and friends who experience the harm of climate change and environmental racism first and worst. They guide our policy decisions and influence our advocacy so that they and their communities can live in a just, healthy, and thriving environment. At Front and Centered, we get to share a meal, dance in joy, march in solidarity, commune with elders, strategize, support, and advocate for communities of color and low-income communities across Washington State and beyond.

Every day we show up for Mother Earth is another day to learn from and stand with those on the frontlines. It’s another day to do our part to preserve the culture and create moments for the aunties, mothers, children, fathers, uncles, partners, and friends who hold our hands and deserve our hearts. That is why Earth Day is Every Day.

Speakers and Participants

A big thank you to the following members, partners, and allies who participated in our events as speakers, interviewees, or panelists:

Where You Can Find More Information

If you missed our week of events or just want to learn more, visit our Earth Deserves More Than a Day archive! Most of our events are still available as videos on demand, including events from our inaugural, entirely virtual version of the event back in 2021! Check out our website and don’t forget to subscribe to our social media accounts so you can check out more #EarthDeservesMore content that we’ll be sharing throughout the rest of the year.