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Case Studies on Community of Color Based Organizations Pursuit of Solar Energy

Two case studies presented in this document examine the efforts undertaken by two member organizations of Front & Centered to plan for the installation of solar energy generation projects on the rooftops of their buildings. Their efforts provide a crucial snapshot of the current state of access to solar energy in communities of color and low-income communities in Washington State.


For policymakers interested in facilitating the equitable growth of solar energy, this document provides insight on some of the key remaining barriers toward this vision. For us at Front & Centered, the work of planning for solar energy itself provides valuable information and experience to change the rules so community based organizations can benefit from the transition to clean energy. The exercise our communities undertook to plan for solar has created a template for future efforts.

In the first case, we study the effort of Shiloh Baptist church in Tacoma to apply for a solar energy grant made available by its electric utility. In the second, we examine the effort of Asian Counseling and Referral Services (ACRS) to develop a plan to install a solar panel array on its headquarters in Seattle. Both efforts were initiated by Sameer Rande, Senior Organizer at Front & Centered, and the primary author of this document.

The cases of Shiloh Baptist and ACRS are among the many important and relevant stories we seek to build on the path to equitably boost solar energy growth. Both are unique and compelling situations.