Front and Centered is working right now to create partnerships with the philanthropic community in order to build our capacity to play a substantive role in ensuring that equity is a central element of the climate change policy agenda. Now and in the days ahead, we look forward to the opportunity to meet and to talk about our scope of impact on climate change.

Contact us to talk about your interest in supporting this coalition.

Or make a contribution now through our fiscal sponsor Latino Community Fund. You can send a check, note it is intended for Front and Centered, and make it out to Latino Community Fund (our fiscal sponsor) PO Box 30669, Seattle, WA 98103 | Phone: (206) 354-1487 or online:

Your support will help Front and Centered carry out:

  • Coordinated Advocacy and Engagement: Building and coordinating leadership organizations within communities of color to elevate and catalyze efforts for equitable climate action in Washington State.

  • Policy Development and Civic Action: Providing analysis and research to ensure equity is at the center of policies that effectively address climate change.

  • Outreach and Mobilization: Engaging, informing and mobilizing people of color around climate justice via community education, listening sessions and social media platforms.

  • Sharing the Story: Implementing a media strategy elevating leaders from communities of color to speak their truths about the ways in which climate change is already making an impact in their lives and well-being.