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Donation Name – Monthly

By paper check – please make it out to Front and Centered, 1501 E. Madison Suite 250 | Seattle, WA 98122.

Through your donor advised fund – please contact the public charity that sponsors your donor advised fund to request that a check be made out to Front and Centered and mailed to the address above.

With a stock or wire transfer – please use this form to contact Melina Rivera for instructions.

Through a corporate matching or payroll deduction program – please use this form to contact Melina Rivera for instructions and make arrangements with your employer.

If you have any questions, please use this form to contact Ruby Love.

Front and Centered is a coalition of racial and economic justice organizations which strives to elevate the voices and interests of communities of color to the center of public policy, community-based education and organizing, and impact investments addressing climate change.

Formed in 2014, Front and Centered comprises Washington State’s leading racial justice organizations and a statewide coalition of more than 60 organizations and groups rooted in communities of color and people with lower incomes. Together, these organizations have a reach that spans hundreds of thousands of families and individuals for whom the impacts of climate change hold the most harmful and lasting consequences.

Your support will help Front and Centered carry-out:

  • Coordinated Advocacy and Engagement: Building and coordinating leadership organizations within communities of color to elevate and catalyze efforts for equitable climate action in Washington State.
  • Policy Development and Civic Action: Providing analysis and research to ensure equity is at the center of policies that effectively address climate change.
  • Outreach and Mobilization: Engaging, informing and mobilizing people of color around climate justice via community education, listening sessions and social media platforms.
  • Sharing the story: Implementing a media strategy elevating leaders from communities of color to speak their truths about the ways in which climate change is already making an impact in their lives and well-being.
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Front and Centered
Your donation will help support our policy, programs and capacity building work as we work together to build the power and capacity of a statewide movement for racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Frontline Response Fund
Our Frontline Response Fund helps to provide immediate and direct assistance for our grantees working to respond to acute environmental crises throughout Washington State such as COVID-19 and wildfires. We know that all of us are facing great challenges and uncertainties right now. We also know that this is when people come together and do what they can to help people who are most in need.