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Communities of Color ‘Front and Centered’ this Earth Day

Leaders of color at climate justice summit
Communities of color are leading a new environmental movement in Washington State – a movement in which equity for people on the frontlines of environmental injustice is centered. People with lower incomes and people of color get the brunt of the fossil fuel economy, suffering from a deadly combination of local pollution on top of social and economic disparities.  Communities of color are also hit first and worst by global warming and the disruptive forces of a climate change on our homes, the communities we live-in, and our jobs. Yet, when it comes to the transition away from extraction and pollution, the issue of justice and the leadership and ideas of the people most impacted are often forgotten, ignored or sidelined. We call on climate advocates, decision-makers and all people in Washington State to make communities of color, indigenous people, and people with lower incomes and wealth, in the Global North and Global South, ‘Front and Centered’ this Earth Day – and every day moving forward.  Here is just a small sample of what communities of color are already doing to lead the way: [trx_blogger style=”excerpt” filters=”no” ids=”3713,3682,3686,3663,3675,3666″ count=”6″ visible=”6″ offset=”0″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” only=”no” scroll=”no” dir=”vertical” rating=”no” info=”yes” links=”yes” descr=”700″]