Frontline Response Fund Grant Applications

Front & Centered’s

In order to move resources quickly and not further burden organizations on the frontlines of the pandemic, funding partners are not hosting a formal application process at this time. Instead, member organizations and groups WORKING AND BASED OUT OF WASHINGTON STATE that have pressing needs related to the COVID-19 crisis response can submit their requests online via our web portal or through email [email protected] to receive next steps in the process.

If you need help completing the form, please contact [email protected] or 206.487.4303.

Based upon the charitable structure of the COVID-19 Frontline Response Fund grants are limited to WASHINGTON STATE 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, groups fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 organization or other charitable organization, such as faith-based organizations and other public entities. The fund is not able to fund individuals or businesses, labor unions or other 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5) and 501(c)(6) organizations.

For now, the fund is designed to be fully distributed in 2020.

Because the extent of the pandemic’s impact has immediate and long-term impacts, the Frontline Response Fund Applications for this first round will accept applications for up to $7,000.

Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. The Front and Centered Steering Committee, comprised of community member groups, will review and make decisions on a weekly basis so that release of funds will be as quickly as possible. Applicants may apply more than once.

As fundraising continues throughout the outbreak and recovery phases of the crisis, funds will be released on a rolling basis, making it possible to deploy resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs.

In the beginning, the fund is prioritizing groups in alignment with Front and Centered and those which have been collaborators and partners, serving individuals who are suffering immediately and disproportionately from this crisis. At this time, during this first phase of funding, the COVID-19 Frontline Response Fund is not able to prioritize larger organizations that are currently eligible for funds from The Seattle Foundation/United Way of King County Covid19 Rapid Response Fund until further notice.

We understand many people have already been affected by COVID-19, and more will continue to be affected. The Front and Centered COVID-19 Frontline Response Fund member organizations and groups are deploying resources to constituents that are directly affected who are at the highest risk for emerging health, economic and social impacts of the pandemic. The COVID-19 Frontline Response Fund will not provide grants to individuals.

In the beginning, the COVID-19 Frontline Response Fund will not be able to prioritize organizations that have lost revenue or are likely to lose future revenue due to canceled events or programs. The Steering Committee recognizes these challenges, and as the crisis and long-term impacts continue to unfold, they will continue to assess and evolve funding strategies.

The Frontline Response Fund also seeks to award grants that:

  • Lift up approaches tailored to specific cultural, historic and language needs of disproportionately impacted populations.
  • Enhance projects funded with public dollars and/or projects that are complementary to other recovery efforts.
  • Help establish a structure whereby grantees can collaborate, thereby leveraging new resources and maximizing impact (e.g. environmental organizations, public policy groups, and media outlets working collaboratively to address the pandemic).
  • Support and encourage collaboration among grantees, public health entities, emergency management personnel, first-responders and long-term recovery group members.