Join Leslie – Vote Yes on 1631!

“Climate change is hurting our loved ones, everywhere as rising seas and typhoons batter the Asian Pacific Coast and Islands. Here in Washington, burning fossil fuels fills our air with poisonous gases that accumulates in the highest amounts, near major roadways where we mainly live. I currently work in Chinatown-International District in Seattle, more than 75% of the potential cancer risk is from diesel particulate matters. The major sources are from trucks along I-5 and I-90. The total potential cancer risk from diesel particulate matter is approximately 400 per million people. 1631 gives me great hope that we can improve the health of our communities by using clean energy to reduce pollution where it is worst and showing the entire world how to do the same. “ 

– Leslie Daugs, Executive Director for APACE and City Council for the City of Bremerton