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Conrad Swanson, The Seattle Times | 10/16/2023

Cap and Trade; False Solutions; Legislative Session

But an analysis published last month by the environmental justice group Front and Centered is far less generous.

Up to 10.6% of the money budgeted (about $221 million) is allocated specifically or loosely to overburdened communities and 6.2% is allocated to the tribes, the nonprofit’s analysis indicates.

One of the reasons for the more than $700 million discrepancy is the way the budget lines are phrased, said Davin Diaz, policy coordinator for Front and Centered. Line items not specifically designated for overburdened communities or tribes were not counted. Other budget items merely indicate that 40% of the funds will be “assumed” to benefit overburdened communities, he noted. “Based on historic injustices, it’s hard for us to assume those monies would flow,” Diaz said.

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