New Economy Washington Frontline Community Fellowship

Advancing a Just Transition from COVID-19 to a Regenerative Economy

Front and Centered and the People’s Economy Lab are excited to announce the launch of the New Economy Washington Frontline Community Fellowship Program.

We are inviting Applications for policy projects and campaigns for a just, transformative and regenerative economic recovery from individuals or organizations from communities of color on the frontlines of the COVID economic crisis.

Frontline Communities

Are those that experience urgent continuing injustice—including people of color, immigrants, people with lower incomes, those in rural areas, and Indigenous people—and face a legacy of systemic, largely racialized, inequity that influences their living and working places, the quality of their air and water, and their economic opportunities.

The Fellowship Program objective is to support communities to experiment in making change to the underlying conditions of our economy, toward an economy of democracy and self-determination, that is sustainable and equitable, and creates shared economic well-being.

The Fellowship

This fellowship empowers emerging new economy leaders to advance their pilot initiatives through a grant. Three to five fellowships will be selected and allocated grants of up to $40,000 to advance their project and participate in a cohort of Frontline Community Fellows. Fellows will receive:

  • Relationship building and peer learning opportunities
  • Customized project support from technical experts and professional development learning opportunities.
  • Access to a broad array of local new economy networks.
  • Opportunities to showcase project and consult with funder communities and other partners.
  • Explore as a cohort how to embody in our work the principles of equity, transformation and regeneration toward a vision of an economy not guided by White Supremacy, extraction and consumerism for the purpose of enclosing wealth and the commons for the few.

Individuals and teams may apply for the fellowship.

The program begins in October 2020 and ends December 2021. Three to five fellowship projects will be funded, and the work may range from experimental concepts or early stage planning efforts to fully developed policy projects and ampaigns. Projects may include elements such as, community participatory research, data gathering, and literature reviews, convening stakeholders, partners, and policymakers to build alignment, drafting white papers and concept notes, power- mapping, developing campaign plans and communications strategies, and mobilizing for advocacy, and creating pilot/model policies in community that lead to higher leverage changes.


  • Wealth building and transfer pilots, such as baby bond or reparations funds.
  • Worker controlled enterprises support, such as purchasing preferences, legal designations or funding and technical support
  • Community capital projects, such as changing securities laws so residents can invest and benefit from investments in their own neighborhoods or creating a public bank that invests first in communities of color
  • Many, many more, for more ideas see the New Economy Coalition: Pathways to a People’s Economy or the New Economics Foundation’s: Policies and Solutions.


Fellows can anticipate a commitment of two and a half hours of cohort time every other month in addition to self-directed project work and time to connect to technical support. Availability for interviews, sharing media and content for amplifying your work.


We are accepting Applications from frontline communities of color – individuals and teams such as entrepreneurs, community leaders, and organizations such as nonprofits, small businesses, etc. who have a backing from communities they intend to benefit. Project applicants and projects should be based in Washington State and demonstrate benefits to King County residents.

Please contact us at [email protected]
if you’re not sure if you are eligible or not.

How to Apply

Please fill out our Application Form and/or submit an Application (in either form 3 pages max) that answers the question in the form, including:

  • What is the systemic problem you’re trying to solve?
  • What is your solution and how does it transform the economy?
  • Who is the community you are serving and what is your relationship to that community?
  • What are the policy barriers you see to your solution?
  • What kind of support do you need to advance this solution?

For those who are not comfortable with a written submission, we will accept other media forms such as video or audio that answer the questions above and showcase the goals of your project.

Deadline to submit your Application is Friday, September 4, 2020.

If you choose to submit your Application outside of this Application Form, please email to [email protected], Subject: Application – New Economy Washington Fellowship. If you have any questions about the Application and its process, please feel free to reach out to Njuguna Gishuru at [email protected].


Understands the principles of:

  • EQUITY: reduces barriers, builds power, and increases participation and self-determination for historically marginalized communities

  • TRANSFORMATION: a shift in purpose and worldview to meet fundamental needs of communities
  • REGENERATION: restorative of place, people, and planet through care, dignity, and collective management

Represents communities of color stakeholder groups

Demonstrates community demand

Demonstrates positive community relationship, trusted leader in the community

Prioritizes racial equity in approach

Intent to engage and increase the participation of frontline communities

Lays out a logical/clear steps and thoughtful sequence that is feasible and can help build the initiative’s momentum

Demonstrates a vision of an economy rooted in democracy and self-determination that is sustainable and equitable and creates shared economic well-being

Alignment: the initiative supports multiple values and principles of a community-centered economy, including local needs, resilience, democracy, collaboration, integrity, and relationship

Helps to establish a new model or affect a large number or make a deep impact

Has immediate and/or lasting positive impact

Project is feasible and executable and proposed budget demonstrates need for funding

Clearly articulates how participating in this fellowship advance their work

Geographic – Selected collectively represent geographic diversity

Sector – Projects selected collectively represent sector diversity

Stage – Projects selected collectively represent a mix of experimental, early stage, and developed projects

Key Activities

This is a Fellowship program and will begin in November 2020.



July 27, 2020

Request for Application issued

Aug 7, 2020 at 12:00pm

Q&A webinar – Webinar recording
Password: X.8cqxEC

September 4, 2020

Application Submission Due

September 2020

Peer Selection Committee Review

October 2020

Notification to Fellows

November 2020

Fellowship Program begins

December 2021

Fellowship Ends

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