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Paulina López, Front and Centered

Please elaborate on why and what you wrote on your sign at the Climate Justice Summit?

On my sign, I wrote human rights and my kids because I’m concerned about the future. To me, access to water and access to healthy air for our community and kids is a basic human right.

How did you first get involved with the Climate Justice Movement?

Through my neighborhood and through the different groups that I saw emerge. Air pollution worried me the most and finding networks to talk about these concerns got me involved over time.  I also wanted to make sure people who are affected directly are part of the discussion.

Has climate justice changed over time? Do find it is more urgent now?

Yes, more and more people are concerned with pollution and related health issues. Asthma in South Park keeps growing and realizing we were directly affected, made me want to take care of it –share the information with others, so we can solve it.

What do you hope to see from Front and Centered and how do you hope to contribute?

I think the Front and Centered is great – it’s many organizations working together – and representing the environment and the people climate change most affects. And the more people get involved, the more the organization can help keep us informed of our own cases, in our communities.

What was the biggest takeaway for you at the Climate Justice Summit?

It was a good opportunity to convene with many groups and help us figure out what we want to do, where to we want to go, and even where we should start. It was a place to meet others from all over and to work together to create a fair and equal opportunity to be present.

Paulina López is the Community Engagement and Outreach Manager for the Duwamish River Clean Up Coalition / TAG.