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Planning for the Disproportionate Impacts of Climate Change in Washington State

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State and local climate action plans describe how a jurisdiction intends to reduce greenhouse gases to prevent climate change.  Sometimes these plans include attention to adapting to the negative effects of climate change, such as extreme heat.  Overall, climate action plans offer a place to begin to prepare for and adapt to the effects of climate change.  Key findings from this report are:

  • Some of the government commissioned climate plans in Washington State recognize there are disproportionately impacted communities, but few adequately identify or describe how to address the disparities.
  • Existing efforts to build community resilience, such as emergency preparedness, should be tied to equity in a way that empowers communities to achieve their goals.
  • Work is to advance the connection between social and economic conditions and climate resilience should prioritize such co-benefits by incorporating these concepts into each phase of resilience building: assessment, planning, implementation, and sustaining the efforts over time.