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2017 Legislative Agenda

Where we can fight for equitable policy rooted in community

Rashad Barber – Conversations on Climate Justice

A transition is inevitable, but what is not inevitable is that it is a Just Transition

Tony Lee (push play)

Voices from the Summit (Video)

Leaders share perspectives on environmental and climate justice

First Ever Black Earth Day in Tacoma

As I really honed in on what I wanted the event to accomplish it became clear that I wanted a space that gives Black People an opportunity to come together with each other in honor of our mama earth and in celebration of Blackness. We are people of the Earth, yet for many reasons, including the historical trauma of American chattel slavery, many of us have wounded relationships with the Earth. This wound impacts how we live and grow as people. Black Earth Day is one of several ways that we are working to organize in the neighborhood towards health, well-being, and freedom.

Dean at Public Hearing

Dean Jackson on Pollution in Hilltop, Tacoma

Dean Jackson at Public Hearing on Pollution in Hilltop, Tacoma (note short delay to load)

Effenus Henderson

Effenus Henderson, Front and Centered

At the ­­Climate Justice Summit in November, you held a sign saying, “My family is impacted by asthma. Air quality is important.” Can you elaborate a bit on what you wrote?