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Leaders of Color Support I-1631

Communities of color poised for the next chapter of climate action

As several equity-driven candidates of color were elected into office in the other Washington, Washington state …

How much do climate-hurt communities benefit from I-1631?

Off the top of your head, do you know exactly what Initiative 1631’s (I-1631’s) carbon fee …

Air quality relief as we push air quality protection into law

Enjoying the orange-and-red foliage of autumn? Just a couple of months ago, we were breathing in …

Statement from the Front and Centered Steering Committee on I-1631

We support I-1631 because it will make our state stronger and healthier by lifting up our communities. The initiative will protect the air we breathe and water we drink — while investing in a just transition towards clean energy jobs and infrastructure. It ensures that those with the least don’t have to pay more for energy.

Now is our time: Organize with us and gather signatures for I-1631

Now is the time we come together to fight for our survival, our justice, and our existence. Over the course of the next few months—through organizing, signature-gathering, and having conversations about what matters most when it comes to environmental justice in our communities and what we need to get there—we will need to tap into our unshakable strength.