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Voters​ ​Reject​ ​I-732,​ ​‘Revenue-Neutral’​ ​Approach​ ​to​ ​a​ ​Carbon​ ​Tax

Front and Centered Statement on I-732 Election Results


Rebecca Saldaña on I-732 at Civic Cocktail (Video)

Rebecca Saldaña, Executive Director at Puget Sound Sage on Civic Cocktail, October 2nd, 2016

Wave and EJ

Challenging Armchair Equity: Toward A Movement Lead By Frontline Communities

What it will take to build an equitable and effective climate and environmental movement


On Target: Climate Action Must Deliver for Communities at the Intersections

Investments in pollution reduction should be targeted

Flower on wall

Why I-732 is a False Promise: Climate Justice Requires Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is

A ‘revenue neutral’ a setback for Climate Justice

Discussion at Summit

Equitable Carbon Pricing: Our Priorities and How to Identify False Promises

Building on these Principles…