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Washington’s Environmental Justice Task Force Considering Initial Recommendations

David Mendoza, Front and Centered Representative to the Washington State Environmental Justice Task Force Since last …

Analysis: How did the 2019 legislative session fare on climate justice?

Front and Centered envisions a more just future that is not only cleaner and safer, but …

GHG consumption by income

What counts when we count carbon pollution? Lessons from Oregon

There are important lessons to be learned in the new report about who is contributing, how much, and where to target solutions. 

West Coast EJ Retreat_Group

West Coast Climate Justice Coalitions Meet As U.S. Pulls Out of Climate Accord

Climate and environmental justice coalitions in Washington, Oregon, and California held the first west coast meeting of its kind to advance climate justice policy

Rashad Barber – Conversations on Climate Justice

A transition is inevitable, but what is not inevitable is that it is a Just Transition

Discussion at Summit

Equitable Carbon Pricing: Our Priorities and How to Identify False Promises

Building on these Principles…