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To The People!

On Friday we filed a climate justice measure for the November 2018 ballot! This historic and groundbreaking effort came through the leadership and decision making of communities of color working together through our coalition, Front and Centered. 

Since 2015, Front and Centered in partnership with labor unions, environment, health and faith organizations, has been building the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, the most diverse and inclusive coalition to work together in Washington State. We came together because climate change is urgent.

It’s about time we invest in cleaner air and water, and reduce the pollution that makes our communities sick. For too long big corporate polluters have held back efforts to clean up this mess. Now the people of our state have the opportunity to hold them accountable, to take action to protect our health, water, and forests, and to create good jobs for our communities in the process. 

In the coming months we will be in touch about how you can help ensure the Protect Washington Act qualifies for the ballot. We will need to gather over 250,000 signatures.  

Through the countless hours and leadership of Community to Community Development, Got Green, OneAmerica and Puget Sound Sage, the interests and ideas of our communities were represented in the development of the initiative. In addition, the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition, Latino Community Fund, Washington Community Action Network, and many other Front and Centered organizations contributed to the creation of the Alliance and development of this measure.

This collaborative approach has borne fruit; working with leading Tribal nations and other partners we developed the most equitable, effective, and viable climate policy ever proposed for Washington State, and we would argue, in the nation.  The world is watching as news of our action has spread. You can read a summary  or the entire initiative (see Clean Air Clean Energy 3/5) filed now.

Today is just the beginning.  Join with us as Front and Centered launches a campaign to ensure communities of color are not just at the center of policy development, but are the voters that make the difference in November.  Let us know if you want to be involved and we will touch base in the coming weeks and you can contribute to Front and Centered today!