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About Us

Our Purpose

Triple Threat

Communities of color, people with lower incomes, and Indigenous peoples are on the frontlines of climate and environmental change. We are hit FIRST by extraction, pollution, and climate change, which makes existing health and economic disparities WORSE. Yet frontline communities are often LEFT OUT of or are the last to be included in the transition to healthy, resilient and sustainable future.


We envision a Just Transition to a future where our communities and the earth are healed and thriving, our people have dignified work, and our government values, respects, and represents us. We are working for sovereignty and self-sufficiency for our communities so that future generations can thrive. We strive to make racial inequities on all issues a thing of the past, and to ensure that people of color and Indigenous people are at the forefront of building equitable, democratic systems and policies that work for their communities. We are working for a future where all communities are healthy, safe, and resilient, and where everyone has equitable access to the building blocks of opportunity and prosperity like a healthy environment free from ecological destruction, affordable housing, and good careers based on safe work with livable wages.


Solidarity and mutuality, Bottom-up orientation, Clarity and transparency, Intersectionality, Anti-racism, Anti- Patriarchy, Redistribution of Power and Resources, Respect for Indigenous practices and our Native sisters and brothers, Collective Process, Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership

  • Racial and economic analysis should drive decisions.
  • Follow the leadership, knowledge and expertise of communities disproportionately impacted
  • Use targeted strategies for Black, Indigenous people, and communities of color to achieve equitable outcomes
Impact Strategies
  • Equitable Governance
  • Community and Place-Based Solutions
  • Regenerative Economies
  • Renewable Energy

How We Work

Front and Centered is a diverse and powerful coalition of communities of color-led groups across Washington State, whose missions and work come together at the intersection of equity, environmental and climate justice. Coalition membership means community groups believe in the principles and values upon which Front and Centered was founded. Together, and with key partners our coalition actively works towards the vision for a Just Transition.

Front and Centered practices equitable governance principles, guided by a Community Council which oversees Front and Centered portfolio of policy, programs, and capacity building efforts. The Coordination Team provides a continuum of expertise, serving as staff to the coalition, coordinating
statewide strategies, research, policy and advocacy, technical assistance, grantmaking, and other capacity efforts to support the leadership and resiliency of our members.

As a nonprofit organization, our Board of Directors works in tandem with the Community Council, and ensures the legal, fiscal, and organizational integrity. Our Advisory Council of thought partners and influencers also provides additional strategic perspectives to enhance our efforts for a Just Transition.