Our Legislative Agenda

Announcing Our 2023
Just Transition Legislative Agenda

Communities of color and low-income communities are on the frontlines of the climate and environmental crisis. Our coalition of frontline communities advocates for the right to a healthy environment for all by rooting out disparities. We are convening, generating, and analyzing data, building alignment, and mobilizing our communities. We aim to advance a Just Transition for Washington State by shifting power to frontline communities, stopping what harms us, and building the future we need.

There is a lot on the line as the Washington State Legislature heads into a long legislative session where they will be:

  • creating a new two-year budget for Washington;
  • responding to climate and environmental challenges; and
  • tackling other issues related to housing, homelessness, and the ongoing mental health crisis.

Our work and advocacy will focus on climate and environmental solutions that center frontline communities; build upon the work of the Healthy Environmental for All (HEAL) Act, Move Ahead Washington, and the Clean Energy Transformation Act; and ensure the legislature meets its obligation to prioritize overburdened communities and invest in programs and projects that reduce health disparities in Washington State.


Our first hearings on adding climate goals and actions to local planning take place this Tuesday, Jan. 17!

You can take action on this Front and Centered legislative priority by signing in PRO for the climate in the Growth Management Act:

What does it mean to sign in PRO? It means you provide your name, email, city, and ZIP code, and that you mark your position as being “Pro” for Senate Bill 5203 and House Bill 1181. By taking just three minutes to sign in PRO on these bills, you will help bring climate goals and actions into the planning that goes on in your city, town, or county.

Click the buttons to take action ASAP, before the hearings on Tuesday!

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Thank you for joining our first legislative briefing of 2023!
In case you missed it, you can watch it here:
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The 2023 Legislative Agenda

Build the Future We Need

Build the Future We Need

Stop What Harms Us

There’s a historic amount of funds the legislature must allocate to benefit overburdened communities this year, but there is little or no information available about how the state will meet these obligations.

The Front and Centered coalition will be fighting to advance community self-determination, to ensure that benefits meet real community-identified needs, and to expose the false solutions that are presented as “environmental justice.”

— Deric Gruen, Co-executive Director of Policy and Programs

Right to a Healthy Environment

Root Out Disparities

Frontline Community Power

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“We know that when frontline communities are engaged in creating solutions, we see better results.”

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