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Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

Front and Centered emerged from a broad coalition of diverse community groups working at the intersection of equity and environmental justice. We strive to create a culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and adaptive to the diverse and dynamic context of how Front and Centered partners with coalition members, working towards our common goals. Front and Centered has a policy of “zero tolerance” with regard to employee discrimination and harassment, and it is our aim to exhibit these values to our broader community. We work with people of diverse personal, professional, and regional backgrounds, so that our board, team, community members and advisory council have a collective impact on advancing our mission. We welcome the opportunity to work with people irrespective of their race, color, religion, creed, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity, marital status, family status, genetic information, citizenship status, or any other classification protected by local, state or federal law (collectively referred to as “protected characteristics”).

Have Feedback Or Need Help?

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Front and Centered. If you have specific questions or feedback about this site’s accessibility, language translation assistance, or need assistance using specific features, please contact us via telephone at 206 – 487 – 4303 or via email at coordinators @ frontandcentered.org. If you have found an inaccessible area on the site, please specify the web page or element and provide any other relevant information to help us locate the problem. In the event a page cannot be made accessible, we will work to create a text-only version of the content, should it be requested of us. When making an accessibility request, please provide us with your contact information, the format you require, the web page address and the location of the content.

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