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2017 Listening Sessions on Pollution, Climate Impacts, and Puget Sound

Images of people, pollution, water



During the summer of 2017 Front and Centered organized listening sessions among our members across Washington State on pollution, climate impacts, and the Puget Sound.  This report shares what we heard.

Communities of color are feeling the affects of pollution in many ways

  • Water, drinking water and waterways
  • Air and respiratory illness
  • Food systems
  • Jobs and homes
  • Seniors, children and their hopes for the future
  • Culture and tradition
  • Community resources and assets
  • Health

Climate changes amplifies many of these concerns

  • Jobs, water, food, health
  • Being prepared for the future

Puget Sound is a part of our home

  • Communities of color see Puget Sound as part of a healthy community and ecosystem and a place to recreate
  • We are concerned about pollution of our waters and the need for clean-up
  • We need more information and the opportunity to help make things better