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Resources for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Update for 2023:

Monday, October 9 is Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the so-called United States. Here are some resources for you to check out and share!

We will continue to add to and update this page over time with more resources as we see fit, so you can bookmark this page and see what we add to it over time. The “Last Updated” message below will tell you when we last added resources to this page.

(Last updated: October 6, 2023)


Why Treaties Matter — A five-minute NPR video that introduces you to treaty rights and what they mean for Indigenous peoples in the United States.

Importance of Treaties with American Indian Tribes — Diving a little deeper, here’s a twelve-minute video on treaty rights with historian Dr. Nick Estes.

(For more on treaty rights, check out this brief primer from the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.)

Mishkos Kenomagwen: The Teachings of Grass — Plant ecologist Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer makes a straightforward case as to why the environmental crisis cannot and will not be solved without Indigenous people (21-minute video).

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