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Tag: community resilience


Earth Week: Climate Resilience in Seattle’s South End

As we honor Mother Earth this week, we should remember that the long fight and struggle for climate justice continues among neighbors in our own backyards. And as Mary reminds us, our elected officials need to be accountable and and pass laws to ensure that everyone has the right to a healthier life.

Video testimony: 100 percent clean energy should keep the lights on

This week, Front and Centered testified in Olympia, adding amendments to the “100 percent clean” energy bills, Senate Bill (SB) 5116 and House Bill (HB) 1211.

Leaders of Color Support I-1631

Communities of color poised for the next chapter of climate action

As several equity-driven candidates of color were elected into office in the other Washington, Washington state …

How much do climate-hurt communities benefit from I-1631?

Off the top of your head, do you know exactly what Initiative 1631’s (I-1631’s) carbon fee …