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Author: Ellicott Dandy, One America

CAFO Yakima Reservation

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Permit Update – in English / en Español

One of our key critiques was the lack of engagement with frontline communities; although the dairy industry was heavily consulted throughout the permit design process

Dairy Farm

State must protect Yakima Valley drinking water from cow manure

“I can’t drink the water at my house.”

Flower on wall

Why I-732 is a False Promise: Climate Justice Requires Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is

A ‘revenue neutral’ a setback for Climate Justice

Weak Industrial Animal Feed Permit Threat to Yakima Water

Clean drinking water is a human right.

OneAmerica at People's Climate March

Latinos Fight Oil Trains in Vancouver WA

The would-be oil terminal’s fence-line community is Fruit Valley, where many of Vancouver’s Latino residents live. Nearly half of neighborhood residents live below the poverty level, compared to 18.7% of Vancouver residents in general. This community faces economic and linguistic barriers to health care and other resources that would be necessary to protect themselves from chronic negative impacts to air quality or to respond in the event of an oil spill or explosion. The state council that reviews applications like this recently released a review of the proposed terminal, called the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, and found that residents of this neighborhood would be among the first and hardest hit if an accident occurred at the terminal.