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Analysis: How did the 2019 legislative session fare on climate justice?

Front and Centered envisions a more just future that is not only cleaner and safer, but …

2019 Legislative Review: Wins and Steps towards Climate and Environmental Justice

Front and Centered believes in a future that is not just cleaner and safer for all, …

Advancing climate justice in the House after ‘100 Percent’ Senate victory

Legislators in the House should protect the provisions of SB 5116 that advance climate justice — including the requirement that all electric utilities provide energy assistance to households with lower incomes. Additionally, improvements need to be made before this bill becomes a law.

Video testimony: 100 percent clean energy should keep the lights on

This week, Front and Centered testified in Olympia, adding amendments to the “100 percent clean” energy bills, Senate Bill (SB) 5116 and House Bill (HB) 1211.