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Tag: Equitable Carbon Pricing

Outdoor rally featuring Climate Justice Now flag

A Just Transition, not Cap and Trade, Will Advance Climate Justice

Update (June 2022): Exposing False Solutions, our report on Washington State’s cap-and-trade program, is now live! …

Leaders of Color Support I-1631

Communities of color poised for the next chapter of climate action

As several equity-driven candidates of color were elected into office in the other Washington, Washington state …

How much do climate-hurt communities benefit from I-1631?

Off the top of your head, do you know exactly what Initiative 1631’s (I-1631’s) carbon fee …

To The People!

We filed a climate justice measure for the November 2018 ballot!

Statement on 2018 Climate Legislative Proposals

Legislative action on carbon pricing must move us forward, not backwards.

Clean Energy Transition Act Hearing (updated with videos)

Testimony on House Bill 1646, the Clean Energy Transition Act