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Voters​ ​Reject​ ​I-732,​ ​‘Revenue-Neutral’​ ​Approach​ ​to​ ​a​ ​Carbon​ ​Tax

Voters Reject I-732, ‘Revenue-Neutral’ Approach to a Carbon Tax, Support Investments That Lift-Up Workers and Connect Communities.

Front and Centered Statement on I-732 Election Result

Due to a failure to invest in climate solutions, I-732 evoked the consistent and effective opposition of communities of color, and failed to unify environmental advocates, workers, and other allies.

“Given the election results, It’s clear Washington voters support measures that support workers, fund clean transportation infrastructure and protect the environment. I-732 proved to be out of step with the electorate, focusing on tax cuts rather than investments to reduce carbon pollution in communities” said Rebecca Saldaña, Executive Director of Puget Sound Sage, an organization that advocates for equitable communities.

“There is great enthusiasm for climate action that invests in communities on the frontlines of climate change, but I-732 did not offer what’s really needed.” said Rich Stolz, Executive Director of OneAmerica, a civil rights organization. “This election made it clear that engaging voters of color is a necessity to win both nationally and here in Washington State.”

“Indigenous people, communities of color, and workers have been on the frontlines of fighting the fossil fuel economy for generations. We refuse to allow false promises to get in the way of effective, community driven strategies to reduce carbon pollution and create an equitable green economy” said Jill Mangaliman, Executive Director of Got Green, an environmental justice organization.

Front and Centered supports carbon pricing that makes big polluters pay for investments that drives down pollution and prioritizes communities on the frontlines of climate change. Leaders of color remain committed to the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, the broad coalition that can bring about viable, effective, and equitable carbon action in Washington State.


Front and Centered (formerly Communities of Color for Climate Justice) is a statewide coalition of organizations and groups rooted in communities of color and people with lower incomes; we’re on the frontlines of economic and environmental change. As thought leaders and organizers our agenda and strength is built with our grassroots community. We work together to build power and capacity for a Just Transition that centers equity and is led by people of color.