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Effenus Henderson

Effenus Henderson, Front and Centered

At the ­­Climate Justice Summit in November, you held a sign saying, “My family is impacted by asthma. Air quality is important.” Can you elaborate a bit on what you wrote?

Aiko Schaefer on Climate Justice at King County Climate Townhall

On Monday, September 28, King County held an important town hall meeting concerning climate change and …


Alliance Initiative a Key Focus at Multi-Racial Climate Justice Summit

Today Rebecca Saldaña, Executive Director of Puget Sound Sage, presented the Alliance for Jobs and Clean …

Governor listening to communities of color

Clean Air Rule Letter to Ecology by Communities of Climate Justice

October 22, 2015 Ms. Sarah Rees Special Assistant – Climate Policy PO Box 47600 Olympia, WA …

Aiko and Mauricio with Award

Climate Justice Leaders Selected for El Centro Legacy Award (Video)

Hear thoughts from Aiko Schaefer and Mauricio Ayon as they are recognized with the 2015 Roberto Maestas Legacy Award.

Yoram Bauman

Regarding Race and Climate Policy: A Letter to Carbon Washington’s Yoram Bauman

September 17, 2015 Yoram Bauman Carbon Washington Dear Dr. Bauman, We are writing to request that …